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diana 01-24-2004 @ 8:50 AM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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more info 

A guest to Diana's Desserts website has emailed me about where you can find Total Greek Yogurt in New York City.

Here is what she says:

"I was reading that people were trying to find out where to get this wonderful Total Greek Yogurt.  Well, I just found out about it the first time this past weekend when I purchased it at Balducci's on 155 west 66th street in NYC (near Broadway).  It is so totally delicious and came with a little strawberry dip.  I called the store and they said it comes from a a place called FAGE DAIRY in Greece!  So I suppose it has to be special ordered.

Hope this helps, Carole".

Hope this information helps all of you New Yorker's out that are looking for the Total Greek Yogurt.....Diana

Note from Diana:
I have also found a Greek store online that sells it too, but you have to call them. They are in New Jersey. The name of the store is The Greek Store, and their web address is: http://www.eatgreek.com/docs/other.html. Their phone number is: 908-272-2550.

Sincerely, Diana
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