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SonaP21 03-31-2003 @ 11:20 AM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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HI. My question is what can I use to make 2 separate flavors in one cake? Is there some sort of a separater utensil that I could use to divide the pan before I pour in the cake batter? Thank

diana 04-01-2003 @ 4:57 PM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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Hi SonaP21,

Welcome to Diana's Desserts website and to the Discussion Forum. I hope you enjoy my website.

Here is some information on cake pans and batter separators.

There are at least 3 different types of cake batter separtors that I know of.

1) Culinique Surprise Inside Food Mold System Pan and can be purchased online at: http://www.sugarcraft.com/catalog/pans/culinique.htm

2) Batter Separators may be purchased online at: http://www.countrykitchensa.com/hot/cooltools/tools.htm. As far as I know they are only made for sheet cake pans. They can also be purchased online at: http://www.babykakes.com/utensils.htm

3) And, there is the Nonstick Checkerboard Cake Pan Set that can be purchased also online at: http://www.cooking.com/products/shprodde.asp?SKU=105328

I don't know if any of these are what you are looking for, but these are some alternatives.

Good Luck and please let me know if any of these work for you.

Sincerely, Diana
Diana's Desserts
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