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toxict3arz 03-07-2005 @ 12:21 AM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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hi im new to this forum and i have come here because our church is having a cooking contest and i am in charge of my group

and we decided to make tiramisu ..

and well i have to recipe and everything but im not very good with cooking and i was wondering where can i get lady fingers? can i get it at regular ralphs? and since we are limited to 1 hour .. would it be okay if we make it in 20 minute and refergerate it for 40 minute then serve? because normally they say refergirate for 3 hours ...

Rich 04-05-2005 @ 5:10 AM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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It is going to be tough to complete a tiramisu in an hour. I usually leave mine overnight.

One difficulty will be getting the coffee/spirit mix cold enough quick enough because you don't want to dip the biscuits in hot coffee. If the rules of your competition allow, cook and cool the coffee and bring it in advance. Otherwise, you can cool it by placing it in a bowl and putting the bowl in water.

Keep the marscapone and eggs very cold before hand too. Then it should be OK in 40 minutes.

Another tip for Tiramisu is the top covering. You can make it very pretty if you use a flat plastic scraper to roughly flatten the top then take a fork and drag it lightly in a diagonal pattern accross the top to create stripes in the top. Finally you work the other diagonal leaving a space betten the stipes to create a nice lattice.

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