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nikki    -- 03-19-2008 @ 8:11 AM
  I have tried a recipe twice and I have had problems both times.  The cake recipe is from "Special Recipes from the Charleston Cake Lady" cook book.  The cake I have tried to make is the German Chocolate Pound Cake.(Page 4)  The recipe calls for Cake mix, oil, water, eggs and the addition of a 15 ounce container of frosting.  Baked in a Bundt pan.  The problem I have had each time is the cake over flows the pan and sort of looks like a lava flow.  Has anyone made a cake like this and can you solve my problem.  What am I doing wrong.

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babymikey248    -- 09-17-2008 @ 4:42 PM
  My boyfriend and I tried making a cake like this destroyed the oven. I haven't been baking for too long but I thought it might have been the frosting (i also had to make it twice and we ended up with the pan and two forks!) I'm not sure if the bundt pan isn't big enough but the second time we made it I turned the temperature down and let it cook slower and longer. It didn't overflow but it wouldnt come out of the pan. I think our best bet is to try a bigger cake pan!

nikki    -- 09-18-2008 @ 6:08 AM
  I, at last found out what the problem is/was.  I decided to "google" this type of cake.  (I learned by the way it is called a "crawlin" cake.  Makes sense because it did crawl out of the pan. ) The secret is not to use the mixer.  Hand mix the cake.  I guess when you use a mixer it puts to much volume in the batter.  I did try it after I found this out and the result was a dense but moist cake.  But I have achieved the same results by other methods that did not run the risk of me having to clean cake batter out of the oven.

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Biffhank    -- 03-08-2009 @ 11:14 AM
  It sounded like you were using too small of a pan.  Maybe the volume
is the problem if you use a mixer though that seems strange.  I have a
white cake recipe taken from The Wedding Cake Book and the layers
are larger than the pan size indicated.  I avoid the problem by using a
deeper cake pan but it is odd when recipes do not fit the pan indicated.  
Sounds like a good recipe.  I have a similar one for brownies I got from  Called "Brownies to Die For".  I think it has a pan size
problem too.  I think it calls for a 8x8 pan and that works but the
baking time is a lot more than the time indicated because it is so thick
in that size pan.  You can use a 9x9 to help or anticipate a longer
baking time with the 8x8 size.  Try it!!

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nikki    -- 03-08-2009 @ 11:39 AM
  I had used a standard Bundt cake pan.  Tried the recipe several times before I found out about not using a mixer.
I have made many other Bundt cakes and have found them to be better than the "Crawlin" cakes that use a container of frosting in the batter.  There are many recipes that make a moist rich cake.  So I will not be making any more from the cook book that call for the frosting in the batter. I figure there are far to many recipes to try to waste my time(not to mention the money) on one that does not turn out.

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IngaBakes    -- 03-16-2009 @ 1:18 AM
  When you bake with a bundt tin, measure how many cups of liquid fill the tin.  A large bundt tin is a 12 cup tin- how much volume does your cake mix make?  When filling a bundt tin, only use enough batter to go 3/4 in the tin otherwise it will over flow.  If you have too much batter, fill another tin, or line a muffin tray with papers, bake them and freeze them for mid week snacks.

simrnz    -- 04-17-2009 @ 10:52 PM
  The most important thing while making cake in a  Bundt pan is to fill the pan at least one and half inch lower than top. IF your cake ingredients need more raising or melting space, then you should keep it 2 to 3 inches lower than the top.  

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Lupilu    -- 08-18-2009 @ 12:27 PM
  Until about a year ago, I thought a "Bundt" pan was a Bundt pan, was a Bundt pan, etc. Discovered after a few experiences like you describe, they come in all different sizes. You might check the size and capacity of the pan you're using and get a bigger pan. Lots of sources for Bundt pans online.

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ivalla    -- 09-26-2009 @ 11:52 AM
  Hey i found a page where you can find lots of recipes  to
make all kind of cakes, I hope you can find something



nikki    -- 09-26-2009 @ 2:56 PM
  The site looks interseting.  Course that's all I need is another source for recipes.
Would love to figure out how Julie did it making the recipes in Julia Child's book Mastering The Art of French Cooking.  I mean really, can you make all those recipes in a year and not gain a gazillion pounds?!
By the way if you have not checked out there are loads of recipes there as well. Have to watch out I have found errors but all in all they look pretty interesting.  Also there are things for kids to do.  Something to keep in mind closer to the holidays.

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croy    -- 10-13-2009 @ 5:05 PM
  My pound cake is in the oven right now looking like the "crawlin" cake LOL. I noticed the lava flow has slowed I followed all the directions even using the pan it called for (a tube). I'm devasted. I used the blender too and have for years I just can't believe what I saw this evening in the oven. I guess I'm tossing that recipe to the trash probably with the cake too.Text

nikki    -- 10-14-2009 @ 1:05 PM
  As I said in an earlier post I read that if the batter is stirred and not over mixed it is supposed to not "crawl" out of the pan.  I have not tried it since I read that little tid bit of info.  There are far too many cake recipes to try and never enough time to try them all to waste (Or should I say "waist") time and money on.  
Best of luck with your cake, if you try it again and just stir the batter by hand (the old fashioned way) let me know how it turns out.

"Grandma Ikki"

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