Topic: freezing cake

aussieIngrid    -- 03-14-2008 @ 8:49 PM
  Is it ok to freeze a cake and defrost it later? Does it still taste good?


nikki    -- 03-18-2008 @ 7:22 AM
  I have frozen cakes without a problem.  Wrap tightly with plastic wrap. Thaw in the refrigerator.  If you cut the cake into smaller pieces prior to freezing it will thaw faster. (Less temptation also-much harder to eat a frozen cake!)
To answer the question does it still taste good?  I don't think I have ever met a cake that didn't taste good.

"Grandma Ikki"

aussieIngrid    -- 03-18-2008 @ 1:21 PM
  Thank you Grandma "Ikki" for your reply. I appreciate it and will now have many cakes to freeze Smile


jrpierce70    -- 03-21-2008 @ 9:59 AM
  Yes, you can freeze your cakes and defrost later.......... The taste is wonderful.  I usually bake my cake and let cool completely.  I wrap in saran wrap and then in foil and then I put in ziplock bag to protect from freezer burn.  I usually defrost on the counter and my cakes are delicious!

Peace & Love

zakattak    -- 08-03-2010 @ 10:44 AM
  Is there a limit to the time that a cake should be in the freezer? If so, how long?


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