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neneesweet    -- 01-05-2003 @ 1:11 PM
  In your recipe for Whipped Topping, to put on cakes, pies, says to refrigerate.  will it be ok if I frost the cake with the whipped topping and leave it out for a while, instead of immediately putting it in the refrigerator?


diana    -- 01-06-2003 @ 9:19 AM
  Hi Aneisha,

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Because the whipped topping has cream and milk in it, you really should refrigerate the frosted cake after you have frosted it with the whipped topping. Otherwise, it may go bad on you and spoil. You don't want that to happen.

If the frosted cake is in a cool kitchen, lets's say, 55 degrees F or less, then I think it would be alright to leave it out for no more then 15-20 minutes.

This is my best advice. Always be on the SAFE side, and refrigerate foods with cream, milk, butter, eggs, cheese, etc. in the ingredients.

Sincerely, Diana
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