Topic: Yikes..what happened to the corn bread??

luvtobake    -- 10-30-2005 @ 11:16 AM

  I tried a new recipe for corn bread yesterday. It turned out very well. The recipe called for unsalted pumpkin seeds. No eggs. Canola Oil. Maple syrup ...instead of sugar. Dried Fruit( I added dried cranberries & orange zest.)Corn meal & flour. We ate the cranberry bread while it was still warm..and it was delicious. This morning I decided to have a piece with a cup of tea. I was shocked to see that the area around the pumpkin seeds has turned florescent GREEN!! Anyone one know what caused this? Thank you in advance for your replies! Best Wishes.

natcat    -- 11-08-2005 @ 6:20 PM
  Maybe because the pumpkin seeds needed to be baked on a cookie sheet first...There a lot of seeds that should be baked a little before we use them in a recipe. That way, they won't go bad.Text

Have A Sweet day!!,    N.Carol Thomas

raraS21    -- 12-29-2005 @ 2:41 PM
  Yea, i think that you toast your pumpkin seeds and they will last longer and they are hard for them to toast while its baking in something.

Have a great day! Kara

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