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Annmanhire    -- 02-15-2005 @ 12:52 PM
  I am making a traditional simnel cake for the first time in my life, using Diana's Desserts recipe.  

My big question:  How deep is an 8-inch "deep" cake pan (as specified in the instructions)? Is a regular 1.5 - 2 inch pan deep enough to hold the marzipan filling and both cake layers?  Or is something else required?  

Thanks for any help from experience!!!

diana    -- 02-15-2005 @ 1:12 PM
  Hi Annmanhire,

This is Diana from this website. Welcome.

If you can use an 8-inch by 3-inch deep round cake pan, that would be perfect for the Simnel Cake.

You can find these size cake pans online at several bakeware stores. If you need to know where in particular, please email me at: or reply to this discussion forum.

Take care and again, welcome!

Sincerely, Diana
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