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Birmingham    -- 12-03-2003 @ 6:11 AM
  Hi, I',m in Birmingham, England and saw your delicious recipes on the internet, but I'm a little confused.

In the UK we don't use cups as a unit of measurement, I use the old fashion measures pounds, stones and turtles.

1 turtle is about 112 millilitres - how many turtles are there in a cup?

I know this all sounds strange, thank you so much

diana    -- 12-03-2003 @ 8:49 AM
  Hi Birmingham,

It's Diana from Diana's Desserts. Welcome to the Discussion Forum.

It's a small world. My husband is from Dudley, England. Right next door to Birmingham.

Well, to answer your question about how many "turtles" in a cup. The only answer I have for you is that 112 mL equal about 1/2 cup. So I guess (only an approximate) there would be almost 2 turtles to a cup or approximately 224 mL. Actually 237 mL equals 1 cup to be exact. Does this make any sense? I hope so.

Sincerely, Diana
Diana's Desserts

JOliver    -- 12-04-2003 @ 8:24 AM

Wow! What a pukka reply. I have had real problems using American recipies before because I have been unable to convert them into turtles but now I can cook up some wicked septic tucker.


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dr_who    -- 12-08-2003 @ 9:10 AM
  mr oliver,

your enthusiasm is a credit to the yam cooking fraternity.

A* to you son,

the dr and k9

JOliver    -- 12-10-2003 @ 4:40 AM
  Cheers Dr and K9. I have lots of recipes that I would be happy to share with you guys, just ask if you're interested.

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