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The mexican restaurant Melrose provide a wide variety of dishes to their customers who come here to savor the taste of the delicious mexican dishes that are put forward in these restaurants which attract a large number of people who visit this place to spend their holidays with their loved ones. The most sought after restaurant in melrose are the mexican restaurants and most of these restaurants provide authentic mexican dishes to their customers.
One of the highlights of the mexican restaurants in melrose is their delicious salad recipes which causes watering in our mouth. One such popular salad recipe that attract a large number of crowd to this place is the chicken caesar salad recipe. This is a typical non  vegetarian salad recipe which  is a sad news to those people who are vegetarians. Dont worry there are other yummy vegetarian salad recipes within the mexican cuisine itself.
All the ingredients that are used in the preparation of this salad is available in every household. This is a very easy recipe to learn as well as to cook too and the ingredients are also simple ones and the steps required in this cooking are not much complicating ones too. Skinless, boneless chicken breast is the chief ingredient of this recipe.
Head lettuce are torn into pieces are used up. Moreover a cup of creamy caesar  style salad dressing is also done for this recipe. A large tomato which is cut into wedges are also used. Sliced sweet onions are used. In addition to these ingredients, we also have to use mesquite  lime marinade, grated parmesan cheese, thinly sliced seeded green bell pepper , cheese as well as garlic croutons are some of the other important ingredients that are used in this recipe.

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