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skhan 11-19-2006 @ 7:37 AM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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Hellow madam Diana and all !
madam I tried "famous no bake cookies" from ur site's guest section recipes. They came out very bad,I know I must have done something wrong again !. I am not putting this experience of mine directly to the
recipe comment section as everyone really liked that recipe in their comments.So I decided to write here.
The type of peanut butter in the recipe wasn't mention in the recipe,so I used creamy peanut butter.
The type of oats were even not mentioned so I used quick cooking white oats,(Quaker White Oats,in pressed form, i.e flakes of oats I guess).
Third thing is that I couldn't cook the mixture for 3 minutes as it started sticking to the bottom of the suacepan just after the mixture reached the rolling boil.
The end result was that the cookies didn't get the outside crisp and remained all soft just like some soft chewy tofee !
I kept them in the refergirator over night in the hope that they might get set from outside after some more time! but they just got cold and a bit stiif and nothing else !
I am confused, is that happened due to the creamy peanut butter or/and pressed white oats or something else? and why the mixture started sticking to the bottom even with continuous stirring !
...and last thing, at allrecipes.com there were many No Bake Coookies recipes and all those recipes say to cook the mixture for just 1 or 1-1/2 minutes, how does the cooking time effect the mixture ?
I hope you or someone else would be able to help me !



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