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mirinda 04-07-2003 @ 7:48 AM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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When I have to make 1/2 sheet cakes I usually turn the temp down to 325 degrees to try and keep the caking from drying out and over cooking. I grease the pan well put wax paper on bottom to prevent sticking and respray the wax paper.  By the time the middle cooks the outer edges and bottom become over cooked.  I usually do not have to add a heating cone to the middle unless I am using a 3" cake pan.  Can anyone give suggestions on a better way.  I have resorted to cooking only half the batter at a time to lower the level of batter (more even cooking) and then the second half.  Hey at least this method eliminates the need to divide the cake in half.

Thank you and happy cooking

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