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Deborah 11-02-2011 @ 8:14 AM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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When I was little, my mother would make a scratch chocolate cake:  flour, cocoa, butter, sugar, eggs and milk - possibly baking soda or powder.  We have lost the recipe.  
Initially, the cake would come out of the oven and have a glossy, leathery (tough) bottom with a honeycomb appearance (vertical) about a half inch thick on the bottom.  The cake was great but the honeycomb was a special treat. Eventually, whatever she did to get that effect was "corrected" and we started to get regular cakes.
I assume the honeycomb was due to a problem, but am not experienced enough to know what the problem was.  I would like to repeat the problem but don't know how.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

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