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Susan 11-25-2002 @ 7:22 PM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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I'm planning on trying a new "European-type" cake recipe that calls for superfine sugar.  I can find extra fine granulated sugar in my local markets, but no superfine.  I've been assured that the extra fine will be ok, but now I'm wondering if these are just two names of the same thing, or if they are different, and if so, how?  Also, if they are different, is there a mail-order source for superfine sugar?  Many thanks for any advice.

diana 11-27-2002 @ 8:17 AM                           Reply to this Discussion   Edit This Message   Delete This Message.
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Hi Susan,

It's Diana from this website.

Superfine sugar in Europe is called Caster (or castor) sugar. Our equivalent of caster sugar here in the US is superfine sugar, and C&H makes a Baker's Sugar that is superfine, and it is exactly what you want to use if your recipe calls for superfine or caster sugar.
Most large chain supermarkets carry it in the sugar section. It's in bags, not boxes.

You can purchase caster sugar online at many British stores, and also other gourmet food stores, but it really isn't neccessary if you can get the C&H Baker's sugar. There are many stores online that sell British products. I know, as my husband is British and I am always searching the Internet for items from England and the UK.

If you want the European (or British) caster sugar, go do a search for it. Just type in British Foods, or British groceries, etc, or even caster sugar.

Take Care,
Diana's Desserts

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