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diana    -- 02-14-2002 @ 12:47 PM
  Welcome to my discussion forum! Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.


chefclarence    -- 08-26-2002 @ 10:41 PM
  Want to make velvety genoise cake? Start with the
proper type of flour. I don't know what kind of cake
flour available in your region, I use my very own
blend of mix:
Weigh 4 Kg silk-sifted cake flour
      1 Kg cornstarch
      750 gm. potato starch
Sift together and use instead of all purpose flour for
fine spongecake, genoise, chiffon cake and angelfood
cake etc. Try it and tell me how it turn out.
Happy Baking.

Buon Appetito

diana    -- 08-27-2002 @ 9:14 AM
  Hi Clarence,

I have a question. When you are making a chocolate genoise, what would be the amount of unsweetened cocoa that you would add to your basic "genoise" batter?

Thank you, Diana

chefclarence    -- 08-28-2002 @ 10:18 PM
  Hi Diana
For chocolate genoise, I usually substitue 25% of
Dutch cocoa for flour called for, and I don't add
baking soda since it would result in a deep red
hue instead of pure chocolate color.
Happy baking,

Buon Appetito

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