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pfcello    -- 02-16-2010 @ 3:18 PM
  Hello, I love to bake and have recently had to cut gluten (wheat, oats, barley, rye flours) out of my diet entirely.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a good and reliable mixture of non gluten flours I could make up for baking?  Also has anyone seen a gluten free puff pastry recipe anywhere?

nikki    -- 02-22-2010 @ 2:12 PM
  Bob's Red Mill has a few mixes that are gluten free.
King Arthur Flour also has some gluten free products.
I am 99.99% sure I saw some gluten free mixes in the market a week or so ago that are gluten free and I think they were Pillsbury products.

"Grandma Ikki"

chefhandy    -- 03-05-2011 @ 4:29 AM
I have a recipe that allows you to make up your own Gluten Free Flour at the testing stage - I'll keep you posted on the results - in the meantime head over to TheHandyKitchenfor some delicious gluten free tortillas  Wink Text

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LauraAmador    -- 03-30-2011 @ 4:20 PM
  The best gluten free EVERYTHING is Pamela's Products! Seriously! I
recently found out I had to eat gluten free and their products have
really saved my sweet tooth! I love their chocolate chip mini cookies,
their pancake mix, and their brownie mix! Yummm! You can get them
at Kroger.

As far as pre-made products, have you tried Udi's? I had to ask the
Kroger manager to order me their products, and it wasn't a problem.
Their muffins and cookies are really good!

Click Here to see Pamela's
Products Web Page


Laura Amador

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