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chefclarence    -- 08-31-2002 @ 9:51 PM
  Hi dessert lovers
Just wondering what type of couverture chocolate
would pastry chefs and home bakers use in Califoria?
My personal favourite is Lindt Excellence, 75% cocoa
mass. It works like magic with predictable result all
the time, and in quite inexpensive. For white chocolate
my only choice is Lindt Blancor. What is your favourite
Chef Clarence BC Canada.

Buon Appetito

diana    -- 09-01-2002 @ 2:42 PM
  Hi Clarence,

I can't speak for other Home Bakers here in California, but I use Valrhona Chocolate for baking. I love their Gianduja, it is lucious!! You should try it. Valrhona is a bit expensive, but I love the taste and quality.
I have used Lindt, but not too much. I also use Scharffen Berger Chocolate, which is made right here in California. It's very good also.
When I haven't had the time to order my baking chocolate online, I sometimes buy Baker's Chocolate at my local supermarket. It's pretty good, and definitely not as expensive as the others.

I just purchased a new chocolate (that is, it's new for me) called Hawaiian Vintage. I saw it in a recipe by Emeril Lagasse (I like Emeril) and thought I'd try it. I haven't yet, but when I do, I'll let you know how it is.

Take care, and thank you for the tips on the shortening and flour combo info for preparing cake pans.

Happy Baking

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