Topic: Where can I buy baking ingredients by online shop???

Anita    -- 11-15-2003 @ 5:40 AM
  Can anyone give me some information where can I shop/buy baking ingredients via Internet ( online shopping )???I always have problems finding baking ingredients especialy Cake flour, in Holland baking ingredients is so difficult to find.  QuestionTextText

diana    -- 11-18-2003 @ 7:15 AM
  Hi Anita,

You can purchase baking ingredients including flour from King Aruthur Flour company in Vermont, in the USA. I have spoken with them, and they said if someone overseas (such as in Europe) wants to purchase flour, etc. that you would have to call them at phone number:
802-649-3881. Then if you ordered from them, you would have to pay by sending your credit card number to them by Fax, or send a check or money order to them by mail.

They will ship to Europe, but they said it's quite expensive because the shipping costs go by weight, and since flour is heavy in weight, it is a bit costly, but that would be the case where ever you purchased flour from in the USA.

I hope this information helps you out. King Arthur Flour is makes excellent flours, and sells great baking supplies.

There website is:

Sincerely, Diana

Anita    -- 11-19-2003 @ 4:30 AM
  Dear Diana :
Thank you for the information.I will discuss it with my hobby before i call them. Wink

Anita    -- 11-19-2003 @ 5:55 AM
  Dear Diana:
Sorry for the wrong spelling at the message above from husband to hobby:
Warm Regard : Anita Smile

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