Topic: Add Chocolate to Strawberry Pie?

LauraAmador    -- 04-14-2011 @ 3:46 AM
  I recently made a strawberry pie that I blogged about. A follower asked
me how I could add chocolate to the recipe. I suggested a chocolate
graham cracker crust instead of the regular graham cracker crust, but
any of you suggest something else as well? The recipe uses vanilla
and-serve pudding... could I use a chocolate instead?

The recipe is on my blog:



Laura Amador

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leonadavis06    -- 06-21-2012 @ 10:54 PM
  Nice blog! I referred it to my best friend cause she was looking for the recipe, Thanks a lot. Learned a lot from your blog Smile  God bless

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thecandystoreon    -- 07-19-2012 @ 1:59 PM
  Guessing and adding chocolate to different foods had lead to the best snacks. Consider chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, etc. Love that your thinking was about chocolate!

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