Topic: rolled cokies

mgardner    -- 02-09-2003 @ 7:10 AM
  I am looking for a rolled cookie recipe that includes butter, applesauce, oatmeal, Hershey's cocoa, and chopped pecans. This was a recipe of my mothers but somehow got lost. Here is what I remember of the recipe
Cook the butter and applesauce together for several minutes....about 7minutes... I think. Take off stove and add Hershey's cocoa powder and minute oatmeal. Mix well and cool. Pinch off walnut size pieces and roll in chopped pecans. Stores well in air tight tins. Delicious during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The family and well as friends have missed these tasty rolled cookies for the past few years.
Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

Sincerely, Martha

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