Topic: Recipe for Pusty/Pustie: Italian pastry dessert

rainiepiccione    -- 07-29-2007 @ 7:30 AM
  Looking for a recipe to make an Italian dessert called Pusty or Pustie.   Comes in vanilla, chocolate and lemon flavors.  

aussieIngrid    -- 07-30-2007 @ 10:05 PM
  Try this link - it may be what you are looking for .... enjoy Smile


rainiepiccione    -- 07-31-2007 @ 4:12 AM
  Thank you! Smile


diana    -- 08-01-2007 @ 8:20 AM
  Hi rainiepiccione,

Here's another recipe for Pasticiotti (or Pasta Ciotti, or Pustie's) from Mary Ann Esposito's book Celebrations Italian Style. I have posted the recipe on my website.

Pasticiotti (or Pasta Ciotti)

Sincerely, Diana
Diana's Desserts

rainiepiccione    -- 08-01-2007 @ 6:45 PM
  Thank you very much, I had searched your site and didn't find anything leading me to post in the forum.  Thank you for your assistance.   I love your site, I have used many of the recipes.   The design and photos are a plus as well.

Blessed be, Rainie

diana    -- 08-01-2007 @ 7:05 PM

Please let me know if you made the Pasticiotti and how they turned out.

Sincerely, Diana
Diana's Desserts

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