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gypsy    -- 04-08-2010 @ 10:43 PM

I'm fairly new to making Angel Food cakes.  I used to buy them but we have been trying to get away from store bought stuff, and I've run into some problems trying to get this kind of cake to turn out right.

Using a proper angelfood cake pan
very old oven so temps may be a bit off.
Recipe calls for 375°F for 45mins

· Mixing egg whites, cream of tartar, sugar, I get lots of volume.

· I sift the flour / confectioners sugar several times.

· Fold the dry ingredients slowly about 1/3 cup at a time

· When I put it in the pan, there is still lots of volume.

When I check it at 45 mins the cake is at the top of the pan or a little above.  The top is brown and crusty cracked on top, if I touch in the cracks it's a bit wet, so I leave it a bit longer but doesn't seem to be cooking all the way through, and of course it falls after it's cooled a bit.  and yes I cool it upside down.

I'm not sure if the oven is too hot, or if I have to try it at a different position in the oven.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Biffhank    -- 04-15-2010 @ 5:43 PM
  Just curious if your pan is non-stick or regular.  I've seen angel food cakes
baked in non-stick but I'm not sure how it works since the whole idea
with angel-food is giving it a good surface to hold on to when baking.  
Could be the temperature of the egg whites but it sounds like you have
great volume.  The other thought I had about the pan was how clean it is.  
if it is used for other cakes it might have some fat on it.  I've heard both
the bowl for beating the egg whites and the pan must be TOTALLY fat-
free for it to work right.  Sounds like you bake it long enough if it is dry
on the top.  Maybe someone else has some ideas.

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dessertqueen    -- 04-25-2010 @ 1:20 PM
  This is exactly what happens to my Angel food cakes.  My cake pan is clean and it is non-stick.  Looks good right up until the end when it starts to fall.  

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