Topic: Silicon mould pans

Annakin    -- 03-26-2008 @ 4:54 PM
  I recently baked an orange butter cake using a silicon bundt cake mould.
It was hard to remove the cake from the mould & lots of bits were stuck
to it. I would like to know how to remove the cake from the mould
without destroying the shape.

Biffhank    -- 03-08-2009 @ 11:29 AM
  I don't think the silicone pans are as non-stick as suggested in the ads.  I
always use a baking spray (one that has flour added) to keep things from
sticking.  I really don't like the larger cake pans as much as the smaller
muffin pans or special small baking pans.  Stick with the metal pans for
the larger bundt cakes and you will have better success.  And that baking
spray works great for those too.

Oregon Baker

nikki    -- 11-15-2009 @ 12:16 PM
  I have purchased a couple of the silicon pans and I would never get another.  I dislike them.  I have much better luck with my Chicago Metallic pans.  I had problems with the loaf sticking to the silicon pan, never had that problem with my regular pans.
So if you are looking to replace a pan or get a new size don't bother with the silicon ones.  Get a good quality pan you may pay a bit more but it will out last you.  

"Grandma Ikki"

snoboard    -- 11-19-2009 @ 7:26 AM
  I have a question about the silicone pans.  I've been trying to stay away from all food products stored in plastics because of the chemicals that are in plastics.  So I wonder just how 'safe' the silicone pans are?

nikki    -- 11-19-2009 @ 8:37 AM
  The silicon is inert so there should be no problem with transfer.(Iam sure 30-50 years from now they will find a better product hence a problem with silicon but until then..) All that said I found that the browning was not the same with silicon and the bottoms of my cake and bread seemed a bit soft and moist. They tested done but there was more moisture than I typicaly find with most of my baking items.  Not that moisture is bad it just seemed spongy and damp.  Taste was fine but I also think the browning adds flavor to items like quick breads and cakes the items baked in silicon lacked that extra flavor.

"Grandma Ikki"

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