Topic: lumpy cream cheese

sandra    -- 10-01-2002 @ 7:01 PM
  Can anyone offer me some tips on how to get cream cheese ultra smooth?  My cream cheese based fillings always seem to have a few lumps.  My solution has been to run the fillings through a strainer, but I'm hoping someone can offer advice on how to avoid these lumps altoghter.

I use regular Philidelphia cream cheese and I soften it in the mircrowave according to package directions.  I am afraid to beat baked fillings too much because I don't want to incorporate too much air (and get those unsightly cracks).  And with my unbaked cream cheese based fillings, the mixture stays lumpy even after several minutes of mixing.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

chefclarence    -- 10-01-2002 @ 10:46 PM
  To eliminate lumps from cheesecake filling, what I
always do is to process cream cheese and sugar until
smooth before adding anything; then add in eggs one
at a time and process until homogenized. Add remaining
ingredients your recipes call for and proceed as usual.
Try and let us know the result.
Happy Baking,
Chef Clarence, Vancouver, Canada

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