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elmomoo87    -- 07-18-2003 @ 8:08 AM
  Dear everybody,

I am from singapore and every chinese new year, there will always be a chinese must-have item; little pastry puffs made with a filling of sweet peanut brittle. We called kok chai.

Does anyone of you knows the recipe to this item? I suddenly have the urge to try it. Thank you very much.

With lots of thanks,
elmomoo  Smile

joannelsl    -- 07-19-2003 @ 6:24 PM
  Hi elmomoo87,

I have the recipe for peanut puffs. Are you going to use a mould to do it, or you will use and make the pattern of the edge by yourself? Anyway, the recipe is as follow:

Peanut Puffs
250g flour
pinch of salt
120g chilled butter
3 tbsp cold butter

100g roasted panuts, ground
50g roasted sesame seeds
50g castor sugar

1. Cut butter into cubes. Rube into flour and salt.
2. Add in cold water gradually to form a ball.
3. Sprinkle working surface with some flour. Roll out the dough.
4. With a round cutter, cut out a round dough to suit the size of your puff mould.
5. Place some fillings on to the dough. Apply some water at the edge of the dough. Close up the mould to seal the edge.
6. Deep fry the puffs till golden brown.

I have not tried this recipe before. Maybe you could give it a try and let me know how it goes.


elmomoo87    -- 07-21-2003 @ 5:45 AM
  Dear joannelsl,

Thanks very much for the recipe. i am going to ry this weekend and i am folding the edge by hand as it is neater and cuter. by the way, whats the difference between cold butter and chilled butter? may i know how many puffs will this recipe be?


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joannelsl    -- 07-21-2003 @ 6:20 AM

I suppose cold and chilled butter are smilar. I am not sure the quantity of puffs this recipe will make up to as I have not tried this recipe. Sorry..... Question

elmomoo87    -- 07-22-2003 @ 4:48 AM
  dear jo,

nver mind  Smile  when i try it this wkend, i will tell u!
thanks so much!!!!!

from elmomoo

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