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distraught    -- 06-26-2002 @ 7:04 PM
  I don't know if anyone can help me, but I definitely need it.  I tried to make a torte.  The recipe didn't ask for flour, baking soda/powder or anything like that.  It needed egg yolks, stiff egg whites and all the flavoring stuff.  When I baked it, it didn't rise at all.  In the picture it looks nice and fluffy and cakey and you're supposed to cut it into two layers,for this, that's an impossibility.  It's about, maybe a 1/4 inch thick.  It tastes ok, it's just depressing.  Could it have been b/c I didn't beat the egg whites enough, or is it just a bum recipe (which I choose to believe)?

diana    -- 06-28-2002 @ 8:15 AM
  Hi Distraught,

This is Diana from Diana's Desserts website.

What is your name? I would like you to email me and let me know what recipe you are talking about, is it one from Diana's Desserts Website or from somewhere else?

I'd like to help, please email me the recipe.

Thank You, Diana

TeckPoh    -- 07-04-2002 @ 10:31 PM
  Hi, I just baked a lovely hazelnut torte as a pseudo-tiramisu base for my hubby's birthday last week. It didn't need flour or any baking powder either. It tastes heavenly. Maybe it would help if you refrigerate your torte for several hours before you slice it?

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