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sebmax    -- 04-24-2003 @ 8:09 AM
  Hi Diana
I love baking cakes but seemed to have failed many times. Never have I seen any of my cakes turning even the slightest okay.
I am staying at a rented place with an extremely lousy oven..which has only the top heating element. So, I bought myself a turbo oven convection..the portable type. Can I use this to bake a perfectly nice cake? It uses celcius instead of fahrenheit temperature.
I saw your pandan cake recipe. That's exactly what I had been looking for. Can I bake this type of cake using my kind of oven?

Another query, what do you think of these cake ingredients?> 1 cup of plain flour, 1/2 cup of veg. oil, 1/2 cup of milk, a tspn. of vanilla essence, 6 eggs separated, 135gm of sugar. I was given this recipe by a friend who claimed to have made it similar to the pandan cake (chiffon). Well, I tried it but my cake went flat...nothing like the cake she served me.

Thank you. Hope you can help because I really would like to bake one nice cake in my lifetime.  Smile


diana    -- 04-25-2003 @ 8:22 AM
  Hi Maggie,

Yes, it seems to me that you can bake your pandan cake in your new turbo convection oven, as long as it is large enough inside to fit the pan you are using and that it reaches up to at least 190 degrees Celcius. It should work out fine. I don't know what temperature you would bake it at, although I'm sure your new oven came with a manual and it must tell you temperature conversions, etc. Look up what temperature you would bake your cake at if it normally bakes at 190-200 degrees C in a regular oven.

As far as the recipe that your friend gave to you. I would say it might have gone "flat" because first of all it doesn't contain an ingredient to make it rise well(such as using self-rising flour instead of plain flour, cream of tartar or baking powder). Also, if you're trying to make Pandan Cake with her recipe, you will need either pandan extract, pandan essence, pandan paste or pandan leaves, maybe green food coloring, and you might want to use coconut milk instead of regular milk, but that's an individual taste choice. I would definitely use self-rising flour and add 1 tsp. of cream of tartar or 1 tsp. of baking powder, or if you are going to use plain flour, definitely add the 1 tsp. baking powder and the 1 tsp. cream of tartar.

Let me know how things turn out with your cake and please make sure to read the manual that came with your new turbo convection oven.

Good luck, and please use self-rising flour for your cake.

Sincerely, Diana

sebmax    -- 04-25-2003 @ 10:12 AM
  Hi Diana
I am so very thrilled with this recipe. I had just finished baking the cake...and amazingly successfully, especially for someone like me who had never baked a cake that looked like a cake! The cake's so very soft (spongy), just the way I had wished it to be...just the one I was looking for!

With my Turbo Oven, I didn't use 190 degC. Instead I used 170 degC seeing that the top fan/heating element was quite close to the top of my cake. It was just a matter of trial & error...but thank goodness it turned perfectly well on my first try! Thank you, Diana for that beautiful cake recipe..and thank you for the tips. I will be baking that cake for many times now because that's the sort of cake I like.


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garionangel    -- 07-23-2003 @ 7:30 PM
  Hi Diana.I have a problem after using ur recipe for e pandan chiffon cake..I dunno whether its because of the oven i used..Im usin the portable type,with top and bottom heating elements.The temperature can go up to 250 degress celcius..The brand is Tefal.
I have followed the steps of the recipe closely,but the top of the cake started to burn after half an hour.I allowed it to continue because i realised the insides is still uncooked.After 1 hour i gave up!

I just like to ask you whether i should decrease the temperature and increase the time,so as to allow time for it to be throughly cooked but not burn at the top?
Please advise asap as im goin to do my second attempt today.:P


diana    -- 07-23-2003 @ 8:12 PM
  Hi Angel,

First of all, are you using a convection oven, or some other type of portable oven? If so, it must have come with a manual telling what temperature to bake things at opposed to a regular oven's temperature.

It might be that the top heating element is to close to the top of your Pandan Chiffon cake while it's baking.

I would first check the manual and see what it says about temperatures, and also I would suggest you use a regular oven if possible, as I have never used the kind of oven you are talking about, so I don't really know how it works.

Good Luck and please let me know how it goes.

Sincerely, Diana

garionangel    -- 07-24-2003 @ 12:01 AM
  Hi Diana,

Just saw ur reply..actually, im not very sure what's the difference between convection and portable oven.Can u clear my doubts? Does it have to do with the hot air circulation in the oven?

I set the temp to 190 degrees celcius..Is it alright?
Also,what type of pan do u mean in the recipe?Is it those with removable sides?How are we supposed to invert the whole pan and balance it with the middle tube sticking out?Hee.I'm just a novice,so need some advice.

I'm goin to start baking now.Waiting for your reply.Wish me luck!


garionangel    -- 07-24-2003 @ 7:37 AM
  Hi Diana,
my baking failed again...This time round,i reduced the temp to around 160 degrees and it din become burnt..But the insides is the same as last time..Those parts at the exterior and the top has the spony feel,but those in the interior is harder and darker green in colour..So did i overcook or undercook it?I baked it for 1 1/2 hr compared to the 45 mins u recommended coz at that time it was still wet when i tested it with a fork thereafter.

Another thing is,when i took out the cake from the pan,half part of the top of the cake has sinked in..
Can u advise me what i did wrong to become like tat.

Thanks a lot.    


diana    -- 07-24-2003 @ 9:49 AM
  Hi Angel,

I really have to be honest, I don't know what to tell you about your oven situation. It sounds like you are using a convection oven, but I'm not sure.

I can tell you that you need to use an Angel Food Cake Pan. You may call this type of pan, a chiffon cake pan with the tube in the middle. You set it on a bottle neck after it's baked to cool, and then invert it after it's completely cooled.

Good Luck,

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