Topic: Creating a cookie recipe

mom244now    -- 08-10-2012 @ 12:23 PM
My children and I have fallen in love with a cream-filled oatmeal cookie at a local bakery. Basically it's two large, soft oatmeal cookies with icing in between.
I have 4 children and these cookies are $1.25 each so it's getting pretty expensive. We are trying to figure out how to make these cookies at home but are not having any luck. I have the ingrediants but I don't know the proportions.
I have a recipe for homemade icing but it doesn't taste the same and the cookie itself is different from any recipe I can find online. There are some raisins but they appear to be chopped and there aren't many of them. The oatmeal is not overwhelming either.
I would love any suggestion for how to take these ingrediants and come up with a workable recipe (mine never comes out right).

Bread flour, salt, whole eggs, raisins, oats, brown sugar, veg. shortening, corn syrup, baking soda.

Thank you in advance!

Mother of 4

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