Topic: Eggy Flavor in Cake

hepeskin    -- 05-01-2008 @ 6:34 PM
  I recently made a polenta cake and some guests said it had rather an eggy flavor when I asked for a critique.  It had 2 eggs in it but what could have caused this egginess?


aussieIngrid    -- 05-01-2008 @ 7:31 PM
  I am very sensitive to the smell of eggs ever since I was young because of this cake that I tasted that was very eggy in smell and taste. No matter what I make, and irrespective if a recipe asks for vanilla essense or not, I always put add vanilla essense into the recipe. Having said that, I wonder if an eggy smell/taste cake is to do with the age of the eggs? Just curious.

Just my .02 worth.


hepeskin    -- 05-03-2008 @ 1:02 AM
  Hi, Ingrid: I think the vanilla is a good idea - I will use it next time. I'm not sure about the age of the eggs - I've got older eggs alongside with fresh in my fridge; I could have used them by mistake (usually keep the older ones for frying or making omelets) -it could have been that. I'll make sure I use only fresh eggs in future. Thanks so much for your advice. Best. Heather


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