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Roselady    -- 10-10-2007 @ 9:58 AM
  Hello, Diana -

I found your website by looking up Dolores Casella; I see that you wrote something about her books in 2002, and her daughter Teresa responded.

Like you, I found her WORLD OF BREADS and WORLD OF BAKING when I was a young student, just setting up housekeeping on my own; I had always done the family cooking as a teenager, but hadn't attempted breads.  Thanks to Dolores, I soon produced all the breads that my husband and I - and friends and family - could eat; I made a lot of sourdough.  Dolores' books were new, back then: I found them in 1969-70.  I wore them out; they became molasses-spattered and dog-eared, and the pages grew loose.  With divorce, I lost my two "baking bibles" and didn't cook much - I was a journalist, out of the country much of the time.  I'm settling down (sort of) now, re-establishing my kitchen - and the first thing I did was order copies of these treasured books through Amazon.  Old friends indeed - though it's refreshing, in 2007, to read recipes calling for lard, bacon grease, tons of butter and cream, and sometimes 8 eggs!  These recipes predate the contemporary American preoccupation with cholesterol.  

I wonder if Dolores is still around - is there any way that you know of that one could thank her directly for her wonderful part in the education of a cook?



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