Topic: baking pans

Sirena    -- 11-16-2006 @ 1:18 PM
  Iwould also like to know the advantages and disadvantages of baking pans (by brands, materials, price...).

rg.james    -- 11-21-2006 @ 2:56 AM
  Avoid all baking pans that will eventually rust at all costs!  I use stainless steel baking pans and enjoy them...had them for years and years...they have been abused at times, but they are still like new!  I've heard that a problem with stainless steel baking sheets is that they bake unevenly.  I've never thought that was a problem.  My girls and I even baked for the public using them.  They've made hundreds and hundreds of cookies.

May your calories be small,
Queen James

Sirena    -- 11-21-2006 @ 7:56 AM
  Thanks for your advice, Queen James.  I've also heard that stainless steel doesn´t distribute the heat evenly.  Light coloured aluminum is supposed to be the best...Anyway, I can give both of them a try.
Any suggestions about brands...?

regards, Sirena

rg.james    -- 11-22-2006 @ 7:38 AM
  I would probably go with Cephalon brand.  They are very heavy but are designed to distribute the heat evenly.  I avoid cooking in aluminum for health reasons, but aluminum in the inside layer would be acceptable probably.  Best wishes!

May your calories be small,
Queen James

Sirena    -- 11-24-2006 @ 8:02 AM
  Thanks for your help, I'll be lloking for them.

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