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amethystradio    -- 09-21-2005 @ 5:24 PM
  I was interested in finding out more about making desserts from my home and selling them to the public. If anyone has any information on going about doing that (licenses, etc.) I would really appreciate it.

scott312    -- 10-13-2005 @ 9:22 AM
  I think your question is a great one. I hope someone knows something about this.  Smile


luvtobake    -- 10-30-2005 @ 11:18 AM

   The board of health in your city/town would probably be able to assist you. Best Wishes.

natcat    -- 11-08-2005 @ 6:12 PM
  I wish you good luck!! my grandparents used to own, & bake in their bakery, where I grew up, & home-made baked goods, are sooo great!!! Smile   I still like to bake, it always brings back sweet memories!!

Have A Sweet day!!,    N.Carol Thomas

polysorbate80    -- 12-29-2005 @ 9:01 PM
  It really depends what state you live in. I took a sanitation class a few years back when I was in culinary school. In the state of Illinois I remember the teacher said you cannot make food in your own kitchen to sell, it has to be detached from your house. This is so the dog/cat/kids aren't running around all the food. Not sure what the laws are for other states...

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natcat    -- 12-29-2005 @ 9:11 PM
I do believe that you could bake, & sell to the public from your kitchen, however I think that you would have to have a "license to sell", & have the "Health Inspectors" check your place of baking first. One of the most important, is do not have any type of an animal where you are mixing, baking, & selling, keep everything very clean.. Smile  and  GOOD LUCK!!!

Have A Sweet day!!

doodlebugs    -- 06-11-2006 @ 12:32 PM
  I know in Texas you have to have a separate kitchen.  The perfect way to start out is to lease a kitchen.  Look in your area for catering companies and see if they will lease their kitchen to you.  There are also kitchens that are specifically opened just for leasing out to small busineses. You can also check out Convention halls and the like as they all have kitchens and have the appropriate licenses.  All you would need would be your own health license in most states.  Good luck with your new venture!!


cookerlooker    -- 06-28-2007 @ 1:07 AM
  I can totally relate to your problem.  I too live in Illinois and would LOVE to open a bakery, etc.  From the research I did was I called the Health Dept. and they told me you need to take classes first from college and the courses I think were $120-$300.  After that to rent out a commercial kitchen from a bakery would be about $400 per month!
I checked out different places to sell goods at and they all said the same thing.  Someone told me that you can rent out a local firehouse or church kitchen.

I would do all these things myself, but lack of funds and time are my problem.  

natcat    -- 06-28-2007 @ 10:41 AM
  Smile It takes a lot of effort to start a business, especially baking.. If you have had any type of experience in baking, like with another employer that hires people to bake, & then sell, all you would need is a license to sell, & know what you're doing....
It took a lot of get up & go power for my grandparents, my grandfather had already had experience in the baking business. He had to get up about 3am every morning, to get things ready for that day...
  If a person knows what they are doing, & that's what they really want to do, then stash money away, so eventually they can do it, but if they want to do something else, then they shouldn't be in the bakery business, because they have to have the knack for it, & the taste for they goodies they'll be baking, & know how they should come out looking like...

Have A Sweet Day!!

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