Topic: breadmaking without using butter/vege shortening

nadine    -- 01-22-2005 @ 7:21 PM
  Hi Diana

A few questions to ask:

1. Can butter/vegetable shortening be replaced by healthy oils like canola or olive oil.

2. For instance if i make a bread which requires 30 gr of butter, how much of the equivalent of oil do i use?

In view of the unhealthy trans fat found in commercial breads as well as reducing butter in baking, i was thinking of using healthy vege oil to use in bread baking.

Thank you.


Needlepoint142    -- 01-22-2005 @ 11:33 PM
  Mother's Certified Diabetes Educator told me to use butter in place of solid shortening like Crisco. She's a Registered Dietitian who has been looking over some of the recipes I use. I've never tried using the no trans fat variety of Crisco. Nancy also suggested that I switch to using Canola oil in place of corn oil.

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