Topic: Fudge?

Afril    -- 01-17-2005 @ 3:14 AM
  Hello everyone!
Im real new to this site but find it real great! Smile
Im also new to baking and wish to learn more tips and stuff, this site seems to be a very good place for it!

By the way, can anyone explain to me what fudge (chocolate etc) is? Im a little confused.. is it some sorta cream or frosting?


joleen    -- 01-17-2005 @ 7:54 AM
  It's basically a type of sauce, or topping. You can use it with ice-cream as a topping.

diana    -- 01-17-2005 @ 11:50 AM
  Hi Afril and Joleen,

Welcome to Diana's Desserts website and Discussion Forum.

To answer your question Afril, Fudge is a creamy, semisoft candy most often made with sugar, butter or cream, corn syrup and various flavorings. The most popular fudge flavor is chocolate, though maple (made with maple syrup), butterscotch (made with brown sugar or dark corn syrup) and vanilla are also favorites. Fudge can be plain and perfectly smooth or it may contain other ingredients such as nuts, chocolate chips, candied or dried fruit, etc. It may be cooked or uncooked, but both styles must be allowed to set before cutting.

I hope this information helps you out.

Sincerely, Diana
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