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TeckPoh    -- 07-04-2002 @ 10:26 PM
  When I bake a cake, I usually double or make 1.5 times the recipe as I like to make enough for my extended family. However, the cakes do not always turn out (as well) as the original recipe does. Is it the pan size or should I forget it and just bake 2 cakes? Would welcome discussion on this.


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diana    -- 07-05-2002 @ 9:59 PM
  Hi TekPoh,

It's Diana here. I think it would be best to make 2 cakes, as a recipe doesn't always turn out right when you double the recipe. What pan size does the recipe call for?

TeckPoh    -- 07-08-2002 @ 6:38 PM
  Well, Diana, if the cake is a shallow one in an 8-in pan, I usually bake 1.5 times in a 9-in pan and double it in a 10 or 11-in pan. The ones which are doubled usually cracks. Question no.2: if I have no choice but to bake 2 cakes, can I do the batter at one go? By the way, my oven cannot accomodate 2 8-in pans, which means I'll have to wait for one cake to be ready b4 proceeding to the next one.


warm regards,TeckPoh

diana    -- 07-09-2002 @ 9:52 AM
  Hi TekPoh,

What size pan does your recipe call for, and what kind of cake is it that you are trying to make?

Please let me know.


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