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Cheesy Fruit Lollies

Servings: Makes 4 fruit lollies
2 tubs of fruity fromage frais (or yogurt), such as strawberry and banana
Small pieces of fruit

You will need:
4 flat lolly moulds and sticks (lollipop molds and sticks)

1. Put the lolly sticks into the moulds.
2. Fill each mould with fromage frais.
3. Level the cheese off with a knife.
4. Add the fruit pieces on top.
5. Carefully put the moulds into the freezer.
6. Take them out after two hours.
7. Dip them into warm water to remove the lollies from the moulds.

Makes 4 fruit lollies.

Source: Book
Submitted By: Lee Ying Suan, 12 years old, Singaporean
Date: 31st March, 2008