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Yummy Bread Paw Delight!

Servings: 2 (or as many as you want to make)
Black and white Smarties chocolates
A round piece of chocolate (or a bread spread with delicious chocolate)
A pair of non-sharp kid's scissors with safety features
Chocolate spread
Almond flakes
2 slices of white bread

1. Use a cookie cutter or ask your mum to cut out two paw shapes from the slices of bread.

2. For a cute brown paw, first spread the white bread with chocolate spread.

3. Place the white Smarties on each digit of the paw. Make sure to use black Smarties for a white paw.

4. Using the scissors, cut a circular round shape out of a slice of bread unto the brown paw. You should put a chocolate round piece of bread unto the white paw.

5. Using the almond flakes, place two flakes unto each toe digit of the paw. Now you will have a delicious paw with claws to match! And you are done! Enjoy this marvelous treat with friends and amaze them with your creation!

Makes 2 servings (or as many as you want to make).

Source: A magazine article
Submitted By: Lee Ying Suan,12 Years Old, Singaporean.
Date: March 28, 2008