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Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

I tasted this dessert a couple days ago at a picnic. Although I haven't made it yet myself, I do plan to, since it tasted great and the recipe is quite simple.

Note from Diana's Desserts:
Above photo is an ice cream sandwich cake with M&M's candy sprinkled in between the layers and over the cake instead of chopped nuts.

Ice cream sandwiches (we used the kind with vanilla ice cream between two chocolate wafers - other varieties should work fine as well)
Whipped cream
Chocolate syrup
Chopped peanuts or other chopped nuts or candies (such as M&M's) of your choice (optional)

Begin by creating a layer of ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of a large, square, glass dish.

Next, spoon on a thin layer of whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and chopped nuts or candies.

Make another layer of ice cream sandwiches on top of the whipped cream, and then spoon on more whipped cream to finish the dish.

Drizzle on chocolate syrup and nuts or candies or any other toppings if desired.

Source: A family relative
Submitted By: Timothy Rogers
Date: May 20, 2007