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Lazy Kiddy Breakfast

Servings: 1
Your little ones will love this and it takes no time at all to put together. Adults like it too!

Note from Diana's Desserts:
Photo above is without the sliced banana. You can substitute, if desired, any type of fresh fruit for the banana's in this recipe such as blueberries, peaches, etc.

Store-bought cinnamon raisin bread
1 banana, cut in slices
Ready-made vanilla sauce, pancake syrup, or even your favorite ice cream topping will work

Toast the bread slices in your toaster. Arrange banana slices on top of bread and drizzle your child's favorite sauce, pancake syrup or ice cream topping over the whole thing.


Makes 1 servings.

Source: Jenue
Submitted By: Jenue
Date: August 15, 2005