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Ube Ice Cream (Purple Yam Ice Cream)

My favorite ice cream flavor...A favorite Philippine dessert.

1/2 cup frozen Ube (Purple yam)
*Note: This is usually available in a Philippine store. You may substitute with the powdered variety.
1/4 cup fresh young shredded coconut (omit if you don't have)
1 cup fresh cream
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Follow the direction from the manufacturer of your particular ice cream maker. Mine, for example needs the ice cream pot to be chilled at minus 18 degrees celsius (0 degrees F), not lower or higher. The pot needs to be frozen overnight (at least seven hours).

You need to mix the ube and the coconut shreds in a blender otherwise the mixture will not freeze very well. As soon as you have this, that's it! Just follow the instructions for your ice cream maker. You might also want to vary the amount of the ingredients to your own taste.


Source: Manong Ken's Carinderia
Submitted By: Aisa
Date: May 17, 2005