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Halloween Witches Fingers

Not so difficult but very delicious.

Chocolate finger cakes or cookies* (see note below)
Almond paste or marzipan
Whole blanched almonds
Red candy coloring or red decorator gel

Roll finger cakes or cookies in almond paste (or marzipan) and form like a finger. Take one whole blanched almond and dip in red candy coloring or spread decorator gel over almond. Paste almond on the top of each finger.

Dip the end of the finger in the candy coloring also.

*Notes from Diana, Diana's Desserts:
If you can't find chocolate finger cakes or cookies or Piroulines (which are cigar or cigarette shaped cookies) at your supermarket, you can make homemade butter cookies and shape them into fingers before you bake them.

Pepperidge Farms brand makes a chocolate filled Pirouline (a cigarette shaped) cookie which sometimes can be found in the section of your supermarket that has specialized cookies and imported cookies. There are also other brands that make Piroulines besides Pepperidge Farms.

Submitted By: Olivera Prorokovic
Date: October 19, 2004