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Christmas Choir Boys

Servings: 2
Great fun for children to make!

Note from Diana:
Photo above of Choir Boys is not from the guest who submitted the recipe. The photo is one I found on the internet so the "choir boys" do not look exactly like the boys she describes in the recipe.

2 Walnut Whips (chocolate candy, made in England)
1 lb. ready to roll icing
Small amount of royal icing
Red, yellow and flesh food colouring
Black food colouring pen

1). Colour 1/4 icing flesh.

2). Colour 1/2 remaining icing red.

3). Remove walnut from top of Walnut Whip and discard.

4). Roll out red icing and cut out a 5 inch circle. Put a small blob of royal icing onto whip and drape circle over.

5). Roll out white icing. Cut a 3-inch circle. Frill edges using a cocktail stick.

6). Moisten top of red circle with water. Drape white icing over red and stick.

7). Shape small amount of flesh icing into an oval and stick about half way down one side of whip to make hands.

8). Roll two thin sausages of white icing. Using water, stick them onto whip to make arms. They should join the hands on both sides, and should reach to top of whip.

9). Roll out white icing. Cut and frill a 1-inch circle. Use cocktail stick to make small holes around edge. Stick to top of whip, covering tops of arms to make surplice.

10). Roll a ball of flesh icing to make head and stick on top of surplice.

11). Use a cocktail stick to make a small hole for mouth about 1/2 way down head. Mark 2 V's for eyes using food colouring pen.

12). Colour remaing royal icing yellow and use to pipe hair.

Makes 2 Christmas Choir Boys.

Source: My own design
Submitted By: Michelle Garbutt
Date: November 22, 2003