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Marzipan Christmas Trees

Servings: Makes 4 large or 30 tiny trees
Fun for children to make.....

200g (8oz.) marzipan or sugarpaste
Green paste food colouring
Icing sugar (confectioners' sugar) to dust

Knead a few drops of colouring into marzipan or sugar paste until a good even mid to deep green colour is achieved.

Take a piece of marzipan and shape into a cone with a flat bottom. Place cone onto a flat surface.

Take a small pair of scissors and gently snip into marzipan to create branches. Remember branches at bottom should be larger than branches at top.

Dust with icing sugar to resemble snow. If you like, you can decorate trees with royal icing, silver dragees or small sweets.

Makes from 4 large or 30 tiny tress, depending on what size trees you want to make.

Submitted By: Michelle Garbutt
Date: October 6, 2003