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Halloween BOO Snack Tin

Servings: Enough For a Party or Gift Giving
There are several ways to Halloween Snack Heaven and they all can be placed in a brightly decorated tin or pail. Give these great halloween treats to friends and family, or bring to work for your Halloween party as festive and cheery snacks. Fill the tins with lots of goodies, and use your imagination to delight the tastes of all who snack on these Halloween treats.

What You'll Need To Make Your Halloween Boo Tin:
A Halloween Decorated Tin or Pail with Handle
(or decorate your own tin or pail with a Halloween Design)
Cardboard, medium thickness
Wax or Parchment Paper
Cellophane Paper, either clear or colored
Orange and/or Black Ribbon
Large, strong elastic bands, if needed

Ideas For Ingredients To Fill Tin or Pail With:
Small Pretzels, plain or flavored
Choclate Pretzels
Popcorn, plain or flavored
Cheese flavored Popcorn
Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Popcorn
M&M's Candies
Combination of different types of nuts
Chocolate-covered raisins (or other chocolate
covered fruit), and/or chocolate covered nuts

How To Prepare Snack Tin or Pail:

Make sure the tin or pail you are using is clean, (washed and dried).

Cut a piece of wax paper or parchment paper to fit inside the bottom of tin or pail. Place paper inside bottom of tin or pail.

Cut pieces of cardboard to use to divide sections for the different snack ingredients.

Wrap each snack ingredient (such as pretzels, etc.) in cellophane, and tightly tie cellophane with sting or ribbon.

Place each ingredient (after being placed in cellophane) inside each compartment of tin or pail that you have made with cardboard to divide each snack type with.

Cover top of tin or pail with cellophane and secure cellophane around the sides of tin or pail with elastic or string, or ribbon. Tie or place orange or black ribbon (or bow if desired) on top or around tin or pail, or place bow on handle of pail.

When kids come "Trick or Treating", have the tin conviently placed inside near your front door to have ready for a quick snack for the very hungry little "Trick or Treaters".

Give as gifts to friends, family or neighbors on Halloween, or bring to a Halloween party for guests to snack on.

TIP: Try to find a 2 gallon tin or pail to use for these snacks. A 2 gallon tin will hold quite alot of these Halloween treats.

Source: DianasDesserts.com
Date: October 2, 2002