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Decadent Chocolate Ganache Pie

Servings: 8-10
When you want to serve a very chocolaty and indulgent dessert for a special occasion or during the holiday season, make this rich chocolate ganache pie. It is heaven, especially for the chocolate lover's at your table.

8 ounces semi-sweet baking chocolate, coarsely chopped
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons seedless raspberry or strawberry jam
1 (6 oz.) store bought ready-made chocolate pie crust

Garnish: (optional)
2 cups fresh raspberries or fresh whole strawberries
4 tablespoons seedless raspberry or strawberry jam
1 tbsp. water

Or Garnish with:
Whipped cream and coffee beans, or serve each slice with whipped cream or non-dairy whipped topping

Microwave chocolate and whipping cream in medium bowl on HIGH for 2 minutes or until chocolate is almost melted, stirring every minute. Beat with wire whisk until chocolate is completely melted and mixture is well blended. Add the 2 tbsp. of jam; mix well. Pour into crust; cover. Refrigerate 4 hours or overnight.

To Serve:
Arrange raspberries or whole strawberries on top of pie *(See Note Below), OR spoon a dollop of whipped cream on each slice of pie and top with a few coffee beans, OR simply serve pie with whipped cream on the side so guests can serve themselves.

If garnishing pie with raspberries or whole strawberries:

Microwave the 4 tablespoons raspberry or strawberry jam and the water in a small microwaveable bowl on HIGH for 30 seconds; stir until well blended. Brush over raspberries or strawberries. Refrigerate pie until ready to serve.

Makes 8-10 servings.

Date: October 27, 2007