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Homemade Grape Jelly

Servings: Makes 8 cups
When Fall arrives, there's no better way to capture the autumn experience than through a wild-grape outing in beautiful surroundings and the cozy inside work that follows making delicious home-made jelly. Whether you make grape jelly just for personal enjoyment or as gifts, you will re-live the adventures of September when you taste the results!

3 1/2 pounds of grapes (Concord or Coronation grapes are good choices for dark colored grape jellies, but light colored grapes are delicious also)
1 package of fruit pectin
7 cups of sugar
1/2 teaspoon of margarine
8 canning jars w/lids and rings (or the equivalent of 8 cups)

Boil the jars and lids at least 10 minutes, then let stand in the hot water until you're ready to use them. Pleace the grapes in a saucepan and cover with 1 1/2 cups of water. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the juice from the seeds into a kettle. To get all the juice, use a spoon and press the grapes against the sides of a strainer. You should have about five cups of juice. Add the pectin and margarine to the juice and stir well. Bring the juice to a rolling boil. While you stir, have an assistant pour in the sugar. Boil one minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and skim off foam.

In the meantime, use tongs to remove and drain the jars and lids from the hot water. With a ladle, fill the jars to 1/8 inch from the top. Wipe the rim, place the lids on the jars and screw on the rings. Turn the jars over for five minutes, then turn them upright. Check the seal by pressing down on the center of the lid. It shouldn't spring back.

Cool the jelly completely and rinse the sides of the jar.

Wipe jars of cooled jams and jellies with a clean, damp cloth before storing. Label jars with flavors and dates. Store unopened jars in a cool, dry, dark place.

Use unopened cooked jams and jellies within 1 year of making. Once jar is opened, store in refrigerator and use within 3 weeks.

If a jam or jelly has mold on it, discard contents of entire jar.

Makes 8 cups of grape jelly.

Source: CuisineNet-Diner's Digest
Date: August 22, 2003