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Chocolate Covered Coconut Candies

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Servings: Makes 50 to 60 candies
I love dark chocolate and coconut together. I also love Mounds Bars. I decided to make my own but put them in candy cup papers.

1 (12 oz.) package semi-sweet chocolate morsels/chips
1 cup light corn syrup
1 (1 pound/16 oz.) package shredded coconut
4 tablespoons Crisco Shortening (or any other brand of solid vegetable shortening)

You will need:
1 mini tart pan
1 small pastry brush
50-60 paper candy cups

1. Place shredded coconut in a bowl. Set aside.

2. Heat corn syrup in a glass measuring cup (such as a Pyrex measuring cup) in a microwave oven for 1 minute.

3. Pour warmed corn syrup over shredded coconut and blend well.

4. Melt chocolate and shortening together in microwave oven until all of chocolate has melted.

5. Place paper candy cups into a mini tart pan, pour enough melted chocolate mixture into the cups (it only takes a small amount); then using a very small pastry brush; coat the sides of the cups.

6. Place about a 1/2 tsp. of coconut mixture into each cup.

7. Pour remaining chocolate over the coconut. Place in refrigerator to firm.

8. Once candies have firmed up, remove the candies from the tart pan.

Candies are best kept in the refrigerator. This will keep chocolate from melting.

Makes 50-60 candies.

Source: My Own Recipe
Submitted By: Kathy Lamb
Date: February 29, 2008

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