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Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

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Servings: Makes 2 2/3 cups
4 tbsp. (1/2 stick) unsalted butter
1/4 cup heavy cream
10 oz. bittersweet chocolate, chopped
3/4 cup sour cream
1 cup confectioners’ sugar

In a medium-size, heavy saucepan over
low heat, combine the butter and cream.
Heat, stirring frequently, until the butter
melts. Add the chocolate and whisk until
melted and smooth, about 2 minutes.
Remove from the heat; let cool to barely
lukewarm, about 8 minutes.

Whisk in the sour cream until fully
combined. Then whisk in the
confectioners' sugar. Let stand until
thick enough to spread, about 10
minutes. If the frosting becomes too stiff
to spread, rewarm briefly over low heat
and whisk again until smooth.

For mocha flavor: Add 1 Tbs. instant
espresso powder or regular coffee
powder to the butter and cream.

For peppermint flavor: Whisk 1/2 tsp.
peppermint extract into the frosting
before adding the confectioners' sugar.

For tangerine flavor: Whisk 1 Tbs. grated
tangerine zest into the frosting before
adding the confectioners' sugar Makes
about 2 2/3 cups.

Source: DianasDesserts.com
Date: July 22, 2002

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