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Yorkshire Puddings

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Servings: Makes 6 large or 12 mini yorkshire puddings
What is Yorkshire Pudding?

British roast beef wouldn't be complete without Yorkshire pudding, which is like a cross between a popover and a soufflé and not at all like a pudding. It's made with a batter of eggs, milk and flour, baked in beef drippings until puffy, crisp and golden brown. It may be prepared in a shallow baking dish, muffin tins or other small containers, or in the same pan as the roast. Like a hot soufflé, Yorkshire pudding will deflate shortly after it's removed from the oven. This specialty takes its name from England's northern county of Yorkshire.

Source: The New Food Lover's Companion, Second Edition, by Sharon Tyler Herbst

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs
1 cup whole milk
4 tablespoons vegetable oil or reserved beef fat from prime rib (butter may also be used)

In a blender blend flour, salt, eggs, and milk until just smooth. Chill batter, covered 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F/220 degrees C.

Spoon 1 tablespoon oil or beef fat (or butter) into cups of a jumbo size muffin pan or popover pan with 6 cups. Place pan on center rack of oven for 5 minutes to heat the oil. Quickly pour 1/3 to 1/2 cup batter into each muffin or popover cup and bake until puddings are puffed and golden brown, about 18 minutes. With tongs remove puddings from muffin pan and serve immediately.

Makes 6 large or 12 mini yorkshire puddings.

Puddings can also be made in a mini muffin pan or popover pan with 12 cups. When using mini pans, you will need to decrease the amount of batter that is poured into each muffin or popover cup. Use half the amount of above batter for each mini cup (for 1/3 cup batter, substitute 5 1/2 tablespoons, for 1/2 cup batter, substitute with 1/4 cup batter).

Date: November 12, 2006

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