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Individual Baked Alaska

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Servings: 6
6 slices loaf or round sponge cake or pound cake, cut 1/2 to 3/4 inch thickness

3 to 5 teaspoons Grand Marnier, other orange-flavored liqueur or orange

6 scoops ice cream, flavor of your choice

1/4 cup meringue powder

3/4 cup water

1-1/2 cups sifted confectioner's sugar

Fresh red raspberries (optional)

On a baking sheet, arrange cake slices. Sprinkle with liqueur. Place a scoop
of ice cream on each. Cover and freeze for at least 2 hours.
In a large bowl, stir the water into 1/2 cup of the powdered sugar and the
meringue powder. Beat with an electric mixer on high speed for 5 minutes.
Gradually beat in remaining powdered sugar. Spread meringue over each cake
and ice cream serving. Bake in a 500 degree F. oven for 3 minutes or until
meringue is golden. Place a Maraschino on top of each. Serve immediately. If you like, garnish with raspberries.
Serves 6.

Source: DianasDesserts.com
Date: April 5, 2002

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